My (late) Update Post!

So Hey Guys! Its has been quite a while and I seem to post on-and-off but todays post will be “long”(Meaning longer than normal).

So as you may know I just finished traveling! And I has a really good time on my trip but otherwise it has not been the most exiting…

We did get chickens though, even though we already had some beforehand.

My two chickens names were Star, and banni my sister calls star josie.

And I cant really remember her chickens names…


I have not been doing much art lately  but im sure I will get back on it..

I ran the track this morning with my dad and we did 6 laps and went up and down the stairs 10 times.

Plus this might not be the most interesting thing in the world but I got a haircut today which I really enjoy!

We also got ice cream after so………YAY !


Please follow my blogs posts and have a good day,


Ollie Grey xoxoxoxo