Art Show

Hello!  After almost a month of being gone I have returned! i am doing an art show! i will be showing art that i did that i am really proud of. i will also be selling some and maybe some christmas cards. i am vert exited for the day to come! i also have been … Read moreArt Show


May 6, 2017 Yesterday i played two games in softball. We had played this team once before and won. This game we lost the first round and won the second, i hit my first ball that day and i was really happy! My team has won almost 8 i think and lost 3. we have … Read moreSoftBall


OhEmGee! Sunday April 2nd, 2017. Yesterday later into the day I got a really cool drone! At 6:50 we arrived at my softball meet where I live.(really it was a Softball,T-Ball,BaseBall and a few other things supposed to show up.)      We had a drawing for tickets and I sold 13. whoever sold the … Read moreDrone!!