Building the EggPlant

Chicken Coop: March 8, 2017

About 2-3 months ago we had a big project… We had 18 chickens to care for and they were living in a chicken coop. A very bland Chicken Coop my dad bought on the Internet.

We headed to the store and bought one medium sized can of turquoise paint and used two bottles of already opened paint. First we painted the whole thing turqoise.

As you see on the first picture i am adding the final touches to the coop. Adding our names, a big egg and the name The Egg Plant!

It was certainly one of the funnest projects ever!

Me and Scout painting the chicken coop.
Scout and I adding the turquoise paint.
Here I am adding my name to The Egg Plant.
This was the first finished part for Egg Plant. We’ve updated since.