My Goat Ranch Trip

Blog Post #1: Wednesday March 7, 2017. Comfort Texas

Me and my father and sister went to Comfort Texas over the weekend. It was our second year going to the goat Ranch and it was great! when we first arrived we popped right out of the car and headed straight to the baby goats in the yard. The house was painted a pretty shade of green and once out hostess saw us she gave uf some bottles filled with milk and gave it to us.

About 5 minutes into feeding the babies our old friends (Bree and Colby) came driving in. They brought three other friends (Riley,Morgan and lily) we enjoyed ourselves with all the babies. when you go to the goat farm you get to choose a special goat (or more according to Riley’s five goats) to bring out of the pen and play with the whole time you are at the ranch. There are about 30 goats in the pen (20 minimum; 40 maximum) all under the age of nine.. nine days. when the next day came me, Bree, Riley and scout had a party for their birthdays of being ten days old! It was really exiting.

All stayed in Cabins (all of us in one cabin), pancakes each morning with a side of sauseges and then off with the 1/2 mile walk to the goats. I really enjoyed going to the dino. tracks! my father said there could be thousands just under our feet many layers below the rock! we also saw one uptop on the rock.

on our last day we got up really early and went to the goats. we spent an hour or two before we had to leave at 10:30 AM.

All in all it was an amazing trip!



~Ollie Grey